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BlogClassic looks for modern women

Classic looks for modern women

Classic looks for modern women

Fashion is not just the way you style your daily looks. Fashion is the art of fitting different pieces together to create a perfect tandem. Mazarine is focused on creating slow fashion products.

Beyond time. Beyond fashion. Beyond limits.

Whether you are creating a perfect business look or looking for sustainable clothes for a cruise vacation, you have to stay classy.

Fashion trends come and go, but classic style lasts forever. This is why I, Maryna Mazarine ‒ the founder and designer of the brand MAZARINE ‒ always stick to classic silhouettes and natural fabrics. The concept is to invent new fashion solutions by reimagining the classics.

The online store and Dubai-based showroom MAZARINE offer three capsule collections for your stylish wardrobe:

  • business collection ‒ chic and universal capsule wardrobe for women who know what they want;
  • resort collection ‒ a marine-inspired wardrobe for your perfect resort vacation;
  • tweed collection ‒ aristocratic pieces that fit both business and casual wardrobes of a modern woman.

Explore your style and combine pieces within these collections together. Whatever you choose, your look will be modern and relevant regardless of current trends, because high-quality garments are always in fashion.

Shop online with Mazarine

You can shop either at our showroom and atelier in Dubai or by placing an order online. Find your best deal and buy pieces of clothing that never age.

The benefits of ordering from Mazarine shop are:

  1. The support of slow fashion. Sustainability allows both to assure the high quality of clothing and to lessen your carbon footprint. All the clothes you will find in this shop are hand-made mostly from natural fabrics. It’s an ethical and sustainable product ready to serve you for years.
  2. Your unique style. A capsule collection is your perfect opportunity to find new clothing matches and to customize your look. Mazarine garments are made with a modern woman image in mind ‒ chic and stylish, and elegant.
  3. High quality for a reasonable price. The costs of hand-made production are included in the price of every piece of clothing. However, you will not find them too high ‒ the balance is perfect.

Place your online order for ready-to-wear clothes, or visit the Mazarine showroom in Dubai to get a perfectly tailored look that matches your unique shape.

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