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BlogCreating an elegant look for cruise vacation

Creating an elegant look for cruise vacation

Creating an elegant look for cruise vacation

The light ocean breeze can be only compared with freedom. Your vacation outfits deserve to match with this unique feeling. Whether you are on a cruise vacation or simply enjoying the seaside, it’s important to look stylish. Resort wear is something that looks both chic and elegant ‒ a perfect match to highlight your personality.

An exclusive beach look

Inspired by the ocean, the Mazarine resort collection praises femininity and elegance using light and marine colors. This is a canonical marine style that looks both classical and modern.

These dresses, pants, shorts, and blouses look chic regardless of current trends. All tops, bottoms, and dresses are designed for a modern woman, who likes to experiment with a combination of different fabrics.

Your vacation style matters and we offer you to pair Mazarine resort garments with your favorite summer accessories to create a perfect vacation look. Enjoy high-quality breathable fabrics, and exclusive tailoring, and highlight your femininity with a natural color palette.

Resort wear checklist

Imagine your perfect beach outfit. No matter what you prefer ‒ skirts or shorts, shirts or tops ‒ you can mix and match these items within Mazarine resort collection.

The collection itself is rich with everything you might need for a stylish beach look:

  • skirts;
  • shorts;
  • shirts;
  • tops;
  • blouses;
  • pants;
  • dresses.

Explore your leisure style. The only thing that matters is how you feel, and Mazarine makes sure you feel confident.

Style your vacation with Mazarine

Classics are above trends. High-quality clothes are one of the ingredients of classic and ageless wear ‒ the other one is a sophisticated yet simple cut.

With hand-made and perfectly tailored clothes by Mazarine, you can create multiple stylish summer looks. This is an accurate example of slow fashion: sustainable and ethical production, high-quality natural materials, and an exclusive capsule collection for those who treat fashion as an art.

Visit the Mazarine showroom and atelier in Dubai to get a perfectly tailored look that fits you well, or place an order online for ready-to-wear pieces of clothing. We ship worldwide and offer reasonable prices that represent all the hard work and passion put into the making of this collection for you. Buy clothes from this capsule collection now to enjoy your flawless and lavish vacation.

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