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BlogHow to create a chic business look?

How to create a chic business look?

How to create a chic business look?

Creating a perfect professional look is a question of balance. Your business style represents both you as an entrepreneur and an elegant woman. It should not be too boring or too bright ‒ this applies both to business formal and business casual attire.

What are Business Formal and Business Casual styles?

The business formal dress code implies conservative choices of colors and shapes. This does not necessarily mean you have to look boring ‒ instead, you can find your business formal inspiration in the Mazarine business collection attire.

Business casual dress code, on the other hand, offers a less strict and still professional look for the office. Oversized shirts, blazer dresses, straight pants ‒ these pieces offer you stylish business outfits you can wear to work.

Business casual is your go-to choice if you want to look both professional and elegant. You can wear a blazer dress or match an oversized shirt with straight pants. As an alternative, you can wear a vest or a blouse.

What matters more is the quality ‒ natural fabrics like tweed, cotton, and linen always look stylish and somewhat serious. Mazarine offers you hand-made business attire you can pair to get a perfect professional outfit.

Look professional with Mazarine

Create an elegant business look that will not be boring. Mazarine’s business collection focuses on sophisticated and professional women who value their time and overall femininity.

You can visit the Mazarine showroom in Dubai to get an exclusively tailored business outfit, or order your perfect business attire online ‒ we ship worldwide.

For reasonable prices, you get hand-made clothing made of natural fabrics. Mazarine has its own ethical and sustainable production that benefits both your wardrobe and the planet. Contemporary looks based on classics are the best choice for a professional woman of any age. Shop your best match now and explore your business style.

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