The brand MAZARINE has a strong connection to its charismatic founder and creative director, Maryna Mazarine. In her childhood, Maryna was a professional ballroom dancer and designed dresses for dance competitions.

While studying at a prestigious Swiss university, her passion for fashion led to collaborations with private ateliers, creating unique tweed suits and elegant dresses based on her sketches. Her distinctive designs set her apart from her fellow students.

In May 2021, Maryna launched her first capsule collection of 100% linen garments in Dubai, which quickly sold out upon her return to Geneva, Switzerland. Her designs, known for their feminine silhouettes, architectural cuts, and high-quality natural fabrics, were well-received.

Maryna then established her own creative studio in Dubai, offering a bespoke approach to clients. This studio provided handcrafted tailoring, attention to detail, and short production timelines, attracting clients who value individuality, elegance, and classic style.

With a focus on bold design, natural fabrics, and quality craftsmanship, it became clear that these garments deserved their own brand. The brand MAZARINE was officially launched in November 2021, and by early 2022, the first collection was presented at Mazarine Showroom & Atelier in Dubai.

Today, MAZARINE collections are available at the Fashion House Mazarine in Dubai, Eden Monte-Carlo boutique in Monaco, and online with worldwide delivery.


MAZARINE aesthetics of simplicity and elegance in every stitch.

The concept of our brand is based on joint of nature and style. 100% linen, silk, premium quality materials, concise color palette and perfect fit. Keeping our eye on basic wardrobe styles we create high-quality durable apparels for any occasion which perfectly match each other to support sustainability and reasonable consumption. We act beyond fashion trends and follow styles which will never become obsolete.

Our mission is to make women feel beautiful, feminine, and classy, all day and every day, regardless of what they do and where they go. We aim to deliver high quality tailored garments to inspire and fulfill desires of modern women worldwide.


Maryna Mazarine - the founder and the soul of the brand is a representative of young fashion-designer generation, an eco-fashion trend-setter re-thinking and re-implementing classic rules of the industry.

Based in Dubai, at the intersection of cultural traditions, she draws inspiration from nature, contemporary art and architecture.